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The innate beauty of nature mimics the synchrony of form and function.

Our Background

kliniko Miami founded its core values on the inner essence of the dental arts while focusing on the individual bespoke character of every smile. We augment the beauty of dentistry, and tailor it specifically to individual oral health ranging from strong foundational cleanings to hand-crafted dental veneers.



Diagnostics & Evaluations

Diagnostics cater to achieving the desired results. You and Dr. Humza Arif will discuss your dental examination and tailor the art of klinko to creation of your perfect smile, synchronizing form and function with the beauty of you.

 Restorative Treatment

klinko’s restorative treatments are likened to the form of art restoration. Normal dental wear can cause changes in facial symmetry, mastication and cause stress to other parts of the cranium. Discover a restorative treatment plan bespoke to you and your desired results.

Cosmetic Treatment

When its finally time to take that strong dental, oral health foundation to the next level – kliniko offers cutting edge veneers that will keep you smiling. An investment in yourself and the experience you give others every time with every smile.


“My desire to create works of living art captured in beautiful symmetry within the craft of dentistry. Simple. Elegant. Passionate.”
- Dr. Humza Arif

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7036 Coral Way
Miami, Fl 33155


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