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  • Dr. Martin Herrera

Getting that Instagram Smile

Question 1: How can I get that Instagram smile?! Dr. Humza Arif: This is probably one of the most frequent questions I get from my patients. We all want that perfect smile and a lot of what my patients see are actually a combination of dental treatments. It can be porcelain veneers, Invisalign with whitening, and others. It depends on my patient’s facial structure and other factors but usually it’s a combination of veneers, whitening or Invisalign.

Question 2: We know all about whitening and have heard about Invisalign but what are veneers?

Dr. Humza Arif: Veneers are the purest form of dental art. I love working with the materials that make up veneers. Essentially, it’s a laminate dental restoration that I make out of ceramics. Every single veneer I make is bespoke to my patient and what they want to achieve. And yes it nails that Instagram smile every time.

Question 3: Awesome! So how long do veneers take? Dr. Humza Arif: It takes anywhere from 3-4 appointments usually at my office, Kliniko Miami. In that time, your Miami veneer goes through a process of design – almost like creating the blueprint of your mouth and how I’ll be engineering it from start to finish. We will then fit each veneer and literally tailor it to your specific tooth structure. Adjustments are made and then the coalescence of art form and function complete. Question 4: How long would veneers last? Dr. Humza Arif: Usually anywhere from 15-20 years with proper maintenance which is no different than your yearly dental appointments.

Question 5: Dr. Humza Arif, thank you so much for answering some of these dental related questions. Where can patient’s connect with you? Dr. Humza Arif: Anytime! I love connecting with my patients directly on social media. I’m always accessible at or just @doc_butt


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